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The “Other” T.E.A. Party Election Results

There was quite a voted turnout for the “Other TEA Party” last night. Fortunately there were no hanging chads, voting machine malfunctions or bad ballots, so the count was quick and easy.

The TEA Party Duck

Of a total of 210 votes cast, TEA 1, a light, lemony sour beer walked away the victor. Many remember a version of this beer premiered as the “Arnold Palmer” TEA at Stone Brewing’s 14th Anniverary celebration this past August.

As the winner, TEA 1 will be bottled as Veritas 008 and released at our Barrel Party Night on November 13, 2010. (Unfortunately, the Barrel Party is sold out, but if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll be receiving a bottle of Veritas 008 that evening.)

TEA 6 also had a strong showing, and an impromptu blend of TEA 2 and TEA 6 was very popular, so it’s quite possible that 6, or a blended version thereof, may make an appearance again some time in the future.

Here’s a tally of the final results:

Candidate Votes Description
TEA 1 74 (36%) Mellow Yellow (French Oak barrel-aged Amigo) with fresh lemon zest and Black Tea
TEA 2 28 (13%) Avant Garde Farmhouse Ale with Caramel Apple Rooibos Tea
TEA 3 22 (10%) Mongo Double IPA with Mango Ceylon Black Tea
TEA 4 30 (14%) Red Barn Saison with Orange Ginger Mint Tea
TEA 5 4 (2%) Red Barn Saison with Ginger Lemon Grass Green Tea
TEA 6 52 (25%) Old Viscosity with Green Rooibos Plantain Coconut Tea

Thanks again to everyone who turned out for the vote, and to our friends at the Republic of Tea for providing the teas we used.

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