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T.E.A. Party Update — What we’ll be tasting

Tonight is the “Other” T.E.A. party and our brewers have released the final list of the Traditional Experimental Ales (T.E.A.s) candidates. And what a wide-ranging slate it is. From Plantain and Coconut stouts to Caramel Apple Ales, everyone of these presents a palate pleasing, puckering, and possibly perplexing, party platform that you partisans can get behind. (Or not.)

Here’s the list of T.E.A. Party candidates we’ll be presenting for your consideration tonight:

  1. TEA 1 — Mellow Yellow (French Oak barrel-aged Amigo) with fresh lemon zest and Black Tea
  2. TEA 2 — Avant Garde Farmhouse Ale with Caramel Apple Rooibos Tea
  3. TEA 3 — Mongo Double IPA with Mango Ceylon Black Tea
  4. TEA 4 — Red Barn Saison with Orange Ginger Mint Tea
  5. TEA 5 — Red Barn Saison with Ginger Lemon Grass Green Tea
  6. TEA 6 — Old Viscosity with Green Rooibos Plantain Coconut Tea

It’s up to you to exercise your rights, so get out and vote! Polls open at 6pm in the Lost Abbey tasting room and close promptly at 9pm. Be there and vote for your favorite beer!

More information on the time, place, costs, etc. is on our website here: The Other Tea Party: You Decide

PS: Many thanks to our friends at the Republic of Tea for providing the Teas we’re partying with. Visit them online at www.republicoftea.com

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