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Reader Poll: To Hop 15 or Not To Hop 15?

We have a quandary of sorts.

Hop 15 or Not?

Hop 15 or Not?

As you may know, we’re supposed to brew and release our epic double IPA, Hop 15, a couple of times a year — August and February. Well it’s almost February now, but we’re doing so well with our other double IPA, Mongo, that’s it a little difficult to justify tying up major tank time to brew a batch of an IPA that is, uhhh… let’s just say not for the faint of tongue. So there’s some back and forth going on behind the scenes as to what we should do.

Some of the crew says “Mongo be damned, we need to brew a big, fat batch of Hop 15 and get that hop monster out to our customers far and wide.” Another faction says “we can’t go without Mongo, let’s skip Hop 15 this time and maybe we’ll brew it in the summer.”

And then there’s a third, middle of the road group, that thinks brewing a smaller batch and sending it into limited (read: no bottles and who knows who will get it) distribution is the best solution.

Needless to say, we’re kind of at an impasse. So we’re kicking it to you, the consumer and asking what you think. Should we go whole-hop, half-hop or skip it altogether? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

Hop 15 or Not? — You decide

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