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Box Set Track 1 Releases This Saturday

Press Play and Let's Rock

This Saturday, January 21, 2012 will mark the release of the first track in our ultimate Box Set, kicking off a year-long series of super-limited beer releases inspired by those great anthem rock tunes of our youth. (Feel free to wave your lighters in the air… for you younger kids that’s what we waved at the concert before cell phones with big screens.)

Because the Box Set beers are so limited, the release process will be different than the usual, so we’ve posted everything you need to know on the Box Set page here.

On the same page you’ll also find details on Track 1, (aka Runnin’ With the Devil), which is one of the “Fresh Tracks“. It’s aged in wine barrels and spiked with Cab Sauvignon grapes and our own Brett cultures. Definitely a devilish brew…

Side note: because of some labeling “issues” with Track 1 (we’ll let you guess what they were), this release has a special label that will appear only on this version of the brew. The Full Box Set release of Track 1 will have a different label in line with the others.

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