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You’ve got to be kidding me…

Saturday May 9th has to go down as one of the craziest days we have ever had here at The Lost Abbey.  And mind you, there are some stories that just don’t get posted.  This past weekend, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary of being in business here off Mata Way.  It was a decidedly rip roaring event.  As you know, any great event starts with epic beers.  So, we tapped Bourbon Angel’s Share, Brandy Angel’s Share, Cuvee de Tomme, Phunky Duck, Cask Conditioned 3rd Anniversary Ale.  We also dug out kegs of Santa’s Little Helper, Gift of the Magi and High Tide.

Now, it wouldn’t be prudent of us to sling so many crazy beers without some starch to sop up those libations.  Luckily, we had the Pizza Port crew here spinning pies from the oven.  Chris and his crew did an exceptional job of building pizza after pizza for three hours straight.  It would appear that in that time, they cranked out over 100 large pizzas and most of the patrons seemed thankful they were doing such a kick ass job.  I know when I got hungry and stole a slice of Peperoni, Pineapple and Garlic pizza there weren’t any complaints emminating from my belly.

As it has become a tradition, we even managed to squeeze a band on site.  And when I say squeeze, I mean it.   A big thanks to The Professors who riffed their way through the afternoon channeling their innner tidal changes and kept the energy flowing.  They were ridiculous.  Even the accoustics of this “tinny” brewery couldn’t keep them from sounding tighter than a beaver’s you know what.

All told, it was an exceptional day. Much of the credit has to go to the hard working staff of volunteers who made sure that everyone was sufficiently well taken care of.  We had zero inclination(based on past events) that so many people would show up for our party.  We believe that when the dust settled, over 600 patrons came through our doors (our very small doors).  Their patience and demeanor contributed to the overall success of the day as beer waits often reached over 10 minutes. 

We’re working on a plan for next year that will include more space(and beers).  We hope to build on the success of this party and moving forward keep offering more crazy beers and great times.  It’s always been a simple mantra.  Good Beer Brings Good Cheer.  After this weekend, we continue to believe this to be the case and can’t wait for more of the same.

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