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Session # 9 Beer and Music- The Message in a Bottle

The Session

The Session

Session #9 is titled Beer and Music- The Message in a Bottle.  Just about every brewery or pub I have ever walked into, there is music- Background, in the brewhouse or even live on the floor.  It’s everywhere.  There’s even beer enthusiasts, marketers and producers who play.

Personally, I have always loved music and its ability to serve so many different needs and roles.  In many ways, it’s like beer.  There’s seemingly so many different styles and interpretations and for me, there is always a great song or beer for every occassion.

For this session, I am looking towards my fellow bloggers to share a music and beer moment with.  It could be that Pearl Jam show I attended 7 years ago where I was forced to drink 5 Coronas to stay warm.  But more likely, it could be an album or song that you’re always listening to.  I, for my part, will be writing two blogs.  One will be about a particular memory and the other will be about musical stylings and my beers.

Mostly though, I would really like to see how others experience music and beer.  I have so many ideas that to only work with two seems crazy.  Music as an artform inspires me in so many ways.  I think it infuses my writings and brewing and I can’t wait to share that with you.  I hope you find this an agreeable Session…


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