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Lost Abbey News Round-up

It’s been a big past couple of weeks in the Media for our Tomme Arthur and The Lost Abbey brands. In case you missed them, here’s a quick round-up of the stories:

Red Poppy in Mutineer Magazine

Red Poppy in Mutineer Magazine

Beer Spotlight: The Lost Abbey Red Poppy
Mutineer Magazine

From the article:

From years of trying Abbey style ales Co-owner of Pizza Port Vince Marsaglia developed a love for them and was set on creating some of his own, but he needed a brewer who could bring his vision to life. When brewer Tomme Arthur was brought on-board in 1997 The Lost Abbey was born. Red Poppy is one of their Non-Denominational Ales…

» Read the rest of the story (via Mutineer Magazine)

Lost Abbey Avant Garde, Beer America TV, Ep. 51
Beer America TV

Video Summary:

The Lost Abbey checks in with a remarkable beer that is a step above crowd. Tomme Arthur and the Port Brewing Company continue to produce excellent beers, and the Avant Garde is no exception!

» Watch the video (via Beer America TV)

Lost Abbey in Chow

Lost Abbey in Chow Magazine

Your Beer Smells Like a Goat

From the article:

Novice brewers generally learn how to avoid making beer that tastes like old, dirty socks. In the University of California–Davis brewing science program, students are taught to guard against contamination by Brettanomyces, or Brett for short, a wild yeast often found in the air that’s nearly impossible to get rid of once it invades your equipment…

» Read the full story (via Chow.com)

American craft brewers inspired by Belgian-style sour beers
Chicago Tribune

From the article:

Most of the time, commercial brewing is an exacting and predictable science. When Greg Hall, brewmaster at Goose Island Brewing Co., decides what day to brew Honkers Ale, the brewery’s malty English bitter, he also can determine the exact dates he’ll filter and bottle the finished product.

» Read the rest of the article (via Chicago Tribune)

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