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Lost Abbey is “Beer Country”

CNN.com/travel has a story today on how craft beer, like wine, is now a travel destination. Lost Abbey is one of the breweries featured. From the article:

…while “all of California could be considered the state from which the innovators of craft beer came, San Diego specifically grabbed the golden ring from the merry go round and ran with it,” said Matt Simpson, a craft beer consultant.

So when you’re talking San Diego-style beer, for most beer geeks you’re talking about The Lost Abbey. “The most notable guy right now is Tomme Arthur at Lost Abbey. He was one of the early adventurous brewers in Southern California,” beer tasting expert Mosher said.

Known for Belgian-style beers and a “flavor first” philosophy, beer expert Beaumont said “they’re doing some really innovative, interesting stuff in terms of barrel aging and unusual fermentations, beyond basic brewers yeast.”

You can read the rest of the article here:
» Raise a glass to ‘beer country’ (via CNN.com)

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