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Happy Valentines Day

It’s Saturday. We’re in the midst of a very busy holiday weekend. Today is the feast of St. Valentines Day and lovers everywhere are celebrating. Some are going the traditional route of flowers and others may lean towards the sweet side of things. Me, I’m leaning towards Red Poppy. I had a couple of these last night and survived Friday the 13th. And by survived, I mean that in the best possible way.

Last night was one of the craziest Friday nights I have been associated with at Port Brewing since we opened our doors nearly three years ago. Walking around the brewery last night, you could just tell it was going to be one of those nights. We were standing room only packed at 5 O’clock which should have been the first clue. There are times at the brewery when we “know” we’re going to be busy and we can prepare for the onslought. Last night sort of caught us by surprise.

It shouldn’t have. Freaks unite and come out of the wood work during full moons, holiday weekends and apparently on Friday the 13ths. Sage just informed me, we have another one of these on tap in March. Can’t effing wait. Lost in the drama that was last night was a good story. An acquiantence, who I worked in the print shop at NAU, John Torok, happened to come into the brewery last night. I hadn’t seen John since he left Flagstaff in 1995. And then BLAM, just like a thundering Batman Punch, we was seated at our bar.

John was there during my formative years when I was first researching beer and exploring craft brewed beers. It stuck with me one day when he proclaimed that I was in the midst of drinking “Champagne and Caviar” expensive beers on a college budget. He didn’t know too many students who spent the kind of money that I did on beer while studying. But, that comment has stayed with me all these years. It was great to see him last night and reminisce about printing and beer.

I also learned that John has his own business and is pursuing his own passions. About five years ago, he founded a company in Vista, CA. called HATCH that specializes in high end fly fishing reels. Our stories shared some parallels as we have both chosen to engage our lifestyles by turning hobbies into our craft. I’m looking forward to following the company as they are growing at epic rates and have found their niche. I think it’s pretty cool that two guys who shared the pressroom at Reprographics on the campus of Norther Arizona University have ended up chasing life on their own terms here in San Diego.

Last night was a crazy night. We had freaks, geeks and just plum weird things happen at the brewery. Old friends stopped by as well which made it marginally better. I for one am not looking forward to March 13th but I will do so with bit of trepidation and nervous hope that once a quarter is enough for the strange peeps of the brewery to come out and visit us. The way I look at it, there are 30 breweries in this town. Maybe they’ll grace them with their presence thus sparing us next month. Then again, we’re The Lost Abbey- For Sinners and Saints Alike. Maybe I should finally install those direct lines to heaven and hell so that when the time comes next month, I can contact the keeper of the lost soul who’s wandered into our brewery looking for refuge?

And yes, I’m serious about the phone line thing. Either that, or we’re gonna need a bigger boat… I wonder what sort of charges we could expect to call long distance to the Underworld? After last night, I’ve begun saving every penny I can around here. We’re going to need it. I swear. Sometimes being in charge isn’t as cool as most make it out to be.

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