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As brewers, employees and owners we get up each and everyday and head to our brewhouses. For many of us, brewing is in our blood and we are blessed to have a job that brings so much joy to many.

We also know that brewing is a hazardous occupation and daily we work together to ensure the safety of our staff, patrons and brewery visitors. We’re not always successful in preventing the smallest to the largest accidents but make no mistake, all of us in the business of beer want nothing but the best for everyone in our buildings.

On Saturday, I was having beers with two Stone employees at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. During our beers it came to my attention that an accident had occurred at Stone Brewing and they were gone in an instant. Clearly an incident requiring the attention of many had taken place.

I awoke Sunday morning to the news that an employee of their great company had perished in a tragic accident. It was only after searching the Internet that I came to learn a friend of Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey would no longer be visiting us.

Yesterday was a tough day. When accidents happen they can affect us all. The San Diego brewing community was clearly shaken by such an unfortunate incident and one that took place in our backyard.

I personally will miss a young brewer who was just getting his wings underneath him while working for an A+ company. He will no longer be stopping by our brewery on Friday nights to discuss his day at Stone Brewing. That sucks in more ways than I can speak to. Life is precious and sometimes it takes a moment like this with a beer in hand to remind us of this.

Matt C. you will be missed. Greg, Steve and all of Team Stone our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all. On behalf of our Port Brewing and Lost Abbey family of brewers, I raise a glass of amazing beer in the honor of one who left us all far to soon.

– Tomme Arthur
(on behalf of Port Brewing and Lost Abbey employees and patrons with the heaviest of hearts)

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