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Cable Car Kriek 2011 Release Day

Celebrate the debut of the 2011 Cable Car Kriek with Cable Car Day, November 12, 2011!

Cable Car Kriek 2011

This year both Toronados — San Francisco and San Diego — as well as The Lost Abbey, will all be premiering Cable Car 2011 on the same day!

Here at The Abbey we’ll be placing a select number of Cable Car 2011 bottles on sale Saturday afternoon beginning at 5pm. Details are as follows:

  • What: Cable Car Kriek 2011
  • Where: Lost Abbey Tasting Room
  • How Much: $50 per 750ml bottle (includes a pair of Lost Abbey tulip stemware glasses)
  • When: Bottles go on sale at 5pm and will remain on sale until the allotment runs out (most likely only an hour or two)
  • Caveats: Extremely Limited release (read: only a few dozen bottles); must be consumed on premises — absolutely no carry-out.

Update – 11/11/11
Based on the feedback we’ve been getting, we’re making a couple of arrangements so those of you who arrive specifically for the Cable Car get the best service possible.

First, We only have 60 bottles for this release, so starting around 2pm we’ll begin queuing people in the packaging warehouse on a first come, first serve basis. If you come specifically for Cable Car, please look for the signs leading you to the queue. If you don’t see them, just ask one of our staff members and they’ll direct you accordingly. (You’re welcome to enjoy beer while in the queue.)

Next, we’ll begin opening the Cable Car Kriek at 5pm. If you’re among the first 60 in the queue, one of our staffers will provide you with stemware (your $50 gets your the bottle and 2 Lost Abbey Tulip glasses), and provide you with your bottle. If you need additional tasting glasses for others in your party, please make sure to mention it.

Finally, while we’d love to provide you with empty bottles to take home, because of the problem with Internet counterfeiters (yes, people actually take the bottles, refill them with something else and sell them as the real deal), we can’t provide you with the empty bottle, the cork, hood and wire. You can keep the bottle or the hood and wire, but please don’t ask to take it all as we’ll have to tell you no (and no one likes to do that).

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