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The New Lost Abbey Safety Glasses

With the safety of our employees always on the forefront of our minds when it comes anything inside the brewery, it’s no surprise that we’re constantly looking to not only keep them out of harms way, but also comfortable. Enter in our friends at SPY.


We’ve had a great relationship with SPY over the years. Collaborated on beers and events (The SPY Bad-Ass Ale and BWR) and are always available to hang with each other for the impromptu beer at their SPY Carlsbad HQ or right here at the brewery.


So this year had a new idea, what if SPY could create new safety glasses for our brewers and packaging line guys… And SPY did not disappoint. They created The General. A certified ANSI Z87.1 lens on a bad-ass pair of frames. The High Velocity impact test required by these standards and endured by these bad-ass optics is a 1/4 inch metal ball blasted at them at more than 100 mph. The high mass impact test is a 1.1 lb. pointed projectile dropped on them from more than 4 feet up. If eyewear passes these tests, it means the lenses did not eject or shatter and the frame did not break.


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