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Duck Duck Gooze Update

Hi All,
Quick update, the “900” emails went out yesterday around 5pm or so and we’ll be shooting out the lottery emails this afternoon around 1pm. Again, if you receive an email, you have a week to purchase your bottles (till 8/9 @ 5pm PDT for 5 bottles, 8/10 @ 1pm for 3 bottle allocations), they are secured but will be added back to the pool if you choose not to purchase.

Saw the questions regarding pickup dates, because of the issues we had with the Friday onsale, we did extend them to include the weekend before and after the initial dates of August 27th and 28th. So, as someone put it earlier, you’re free to show up during any of the three weekends (while we’re open) and we’ll take care of you. Once sales are complete, we’ll be emailing everyone a reminder of this extended pickup session. There will be no need to email us and ask us to switch sessions, we got you on this.

Also seeing a few posts asking why they didn’t get an email even though they got a timestamp under 1pm. After speaking with Eventbrite, they were processing 6 orders per second with orders starting to come in at 12:56. So just getting under 1pm didn’t guarantee bottles. We only stated that all 900 came before 1pm, not everyone under 1pm is in. There were many more than 900 orders processed before 1pm.

Also, the “Duck Days of Summer” will be somewhat similar to our 10th Anniversary Party (if any of you made it to that), we’ll be extending our license to the parking lot, having some games and we’ll all be able to drink outside, which is always awesome!

Since there are so many avenues you can take to ask us questions, it would help if you directed them all to ddg2016@lostabbey.com. This will help us streamline things. Thank you!

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