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Patrons — Our loyal followers with us on the crusade of craft beer.

In 2007 we launched one of the first beer membership clubs the industry had seen and it was an amazing experience for us. Since then, we have bottled some incredible small-batch beers on an annual or semi-recurring basis. Beers like Duck Duck Gooze, Cable Car and our Veritas series, which we love but are produced in extremely limited case totals.

After a long hiatus, we aimed to revamp our membership club to give our devoted fans better access to these extra special brews. Thus, ten years after its inception, the Patron Sinners & Saints Club was reborn. Through the club, we hope to share some of our most loved classics and boundary-pushing new beers.

As a member you will receive:

-13 x 750ml Bottles including 2x each of 2020 Cable Car, Sinners Blend, Our Hill Farmstead collaboration, and Yellow Bus to name a few.

-Additional Bottles will also be available for purchase for each release. The quantity of additional bottles will vary depending on total cases produced for each release.

-Membership includes 10% off any purchase in the Tasting Rooms or online at shop.lostabbey.com

-First right of acceptance for 2021 Renewal

-Option to pick-up beer at San Marcos Tasting room or shipped within the state of California (at additional cost)

-Proxy pickups* as well as a proxy shipping destination (within the state of California) will be allowed. (*one proxy person per account)

-A welcome party for the first pickup.



$400+tax (Non-Refundable) + shipping (if applicable)

More details:


The Discount

Included with Membership, which comes with a membership card, is 10% off of bottle and merchandise sales. This includes bottles purchased on-top of the club allocation. The 10% discount does, not transfer to a proxy.

First Right for 2021

Joining us for 2020 also allows you to be first in line for 2021

Pickup or Shipping (only within CA)

Each quarter, bottle allotments and additional purchased bottles can be picked up at The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, by the club member or one previously assigned proxy. Pickups will occur during scheduled weekends each quarter. If two or more allotments in a row are not picked up, we reserve the right to ship the beer to the address on file at the cost to the club member.

Shipping within the state of California is also available (for an additional cost) and may be shipped to club members’ address or one previously assigned proxy shipping address, again within the state of California. Any issues with shipping bottles, with concern to not being available to sign for a shipment of alcohol, may incur additional costs to be paid by the patron.

Club Events

We will be putting on a couple Sinner and Saint’s events surrounding a pickup that will feature some specialty beers. Patrons of the club will also get first access to purchase tickets for the additional events we put on throughout the year.

No Cancellation or Refunds

The Sinner’s and Saint’s Club is a year-long commitment, with membership beginning on January 1st, 2020 through December 31st, 2020. No refunds will be available. Members acknowledge that refunds/replacements will only be given for damaged shipments.


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