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  • Santa Baby

    It’s that time of year when kids across this country are actually dragged by their ears to the malls of America so that they can kick and scream on some watered down version of Santa as he listens to “Little Jaunito” tell him about wanting a “Red Rider Uzi with Matching Bandana.” I happen to […]

  • 2008 GABF wrapup

    It’s hard to imagine not wanting to drink a beer. But, that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. AND, it was the first day in a VERY long time that I didn’t “want” a beer. Denver has a way of doing that to you. 6 days of marathon like consumption has a way of beating you […]

  • It’s Go Time!

    It’s Friday morning and the 2008 Great American Beer Festival has finished judging all the beers. I am hearing numbers near 3000 beers this year. It will surpass the 2008 World Beer Cup as the largest commercial beer competition in the world. These my friends are exciting times. Now that my judging duties are done, […]

  • Rocky Mountain Hi!

    Some 21 years ago, Gina Marsaglia and her brother Vince found themselves as owners of a little hole in the wall pizza establishment on the coast in Solana Beach (North County San Diego). This was long before Stone, AleSmith and Ballast Point helped put San Diego on the map as a beer town. Nope, back […]

  • The Legend of Timmee Edwards

    When I was growing up, my family made an annual visit to a small campground known as Limekiln State Beach just south of Big Sur, California. Each and every August, we would hitch my grandparents 5th wheel trailer to the back of my dad’s large pickup truck and go beach camping as our family vacation. […]

  • Nation

    Currently, we are the midst of a brewing revolution in this great nation of ours. Craft Brewed beers(for the purposes of my arguement here- beers brewed by artisans, artists and passionate brewers- think non industrialists) are experiencing phenomenal growth. These are the beers that people like Allagash, Avery, Three Floyds and many other brewers make. […]

  • 1869- You Can Almost Smell the Gunpowder

    Have you ever seen the movie “American Pie” where the one girl phrases her whole life by referencing “this one time at band camp.” Well, two weeks ago, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to sample a beer bottled in 1869. With this in mind, I have decided that from now on, all of […]

  • The Duvel Made Me Do It!

    It starts simply enough. There is no finer Road Soda in the world then Duvel. As a fan of Belgian Beers, I make it a point to keep at least three beers on my drinking radar at any given time. They are Duvel, Saison Dupont and Rochefort 10. They each serve my taste buds in […]

  • Stout by the Sea Side

    I have been brewing professionally for almost 11 years now. Inevitably I get asked that oh so fun question. “What is your favorite beer.” Like a proud father, I respond…” They are all my children and I like them equally as much.” Of course this is the PC answer but I am also an Uncle […]

  • Something From Nothing?

    As you all know by now, we opened Port Brewing with two sets of beers including a whole new package and label called The Lost Abbey. It’s something that we have wanted to do for many years now. Each new beer that we release comes with the challenges of scaling up old recipe favorites AND […]

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