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  • UCSD Extension Panel Discussion: Is Beer In Your Career?

    Tomme and peers talk beer & careers! “Is Beer in Your Career?” What are the career opportunities in San Diego’s burgeoning brewing industry? Job seekers will learn the answers from a panel of experts who will converse about why San Diego has become such a nationally renowned region for craft beer production and where the […]

  • Sede Vacante Release Details

    Inspired by the shroud of mystery that envelopes the Vatican City during the Papal Conclave, The Lost Abbey presents their newest creation, Sede Vacante (SEH-deh vah-CAHN-teh). Created from a cloak and dagger blend of variously aged barrels previously stored in the catacombs of the brewery, Sede Vacante is a marvel of equal parts flavor and […]

  • All Star Chefs For Barrel Night 2012

    The Olympians, the 1992 Dream Team, the Justice League of America, Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis — rarely do such groups of superheroes come together, but when they do, the results are never anything short of awesome. For this year’s sojourn into the storied Lost Abbey barrel archives we’ve lined up a world class team of […]

  • GABF Recap: Four Medals and Abbey Found

    For those of you who missed it, our annual pilgrimage to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) landed our brew crew a total of four medals, and resulted in one really lucky guy landing himself an Ultimate Box Set. GABF Medals: Bronze – Track 8 (Category 14: Experimental Ales and Lagers) Bronze – Hot Rocks […]

  • Ultimate Box Set Release updates

    As we enter the home stretch of our Ultimate Box Set releases, we thought this would be a good time to update you on the logistics of the last few releases as well as the complete Boxed Set itself. Here’s what you need to know Track 10 release — is slated for release on October […]

  • Play The Hunt for “Lost Abbey” at GABF

    The Game’s afoot! Click here to follow along Abbot (aka: “Abbey”) has run off to Denver and now he’s lost. Help us find where he’s hiding at the Great American Beer Festival and you could win free beer, Lost Abbey wearables and even your own Ultimate Box Set collection. If you’re going to the Great […]

  • 2012 Pre-Stone Anniversary Brunch

    The tradition of pre-arrogant decadence continues! Once again we’ll be feeding the masses before the annual sojourn up the hill to attend Stone’s Anniversary Celebration. As in years past, the Tasting Room will open at 8:30am with an incredible carb-laden spread and 42 taps of fresh Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey beers. What: Pre-Stone 16th […]

  • In The News for July 8 – 14, 2012

    The interwebs are a-buzz with new about Port Brewing & The Lost Abbey. Here’s a wrap-up of what people were talking about the week ending July 14, 2012. The News New BelgiumThe Lost Abbey Brett Beer TopixGoogle Alerts – “lost abbey” OR “Port Brewing” Meet Lost Abbey's Bourbon Santa's Little Helper [Video] | Beer …Google […]

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