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  • Meet Matt Webster

    Matt Webster: Lead Brewer for Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey Matt came to Port Brewing Co. a year and a half ago from North Coast Brewing where he brewed for two years.  Before that he graduated from Metropolitan College of Denver where he majored in Business Management.  College is where he found his love […]

  • Reader Poll: To Hop 15 or Not To Hop 15?

    We have a quandary of sorts. As you may know, we’re supposed to brew and release our epic double IPA, Hop 15, a couple of times a year — August and February. Well it’s almost February now, but we’re doing so well with our other double IPA, Mongo, that’s it a little difficult to justify […]

  • The Lost Abbey Beers (Part 2)

    On the Lost Abbey side of things, there are always too many beers when it comes time to making decisions as to what we should send.  Some years, it’s easy.  We have a whole bunch of new beers.  Other years, the process takes more work as there are crowd favorites, brewers favorites and my favorites […]

  • Denver 2011 and GABF Entries Part one

    Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s September 29th which means that the GABF officially opens later today. This is the first GABF in 15 years that I will not be attending as Sydney’s new sister Lexi Morgan Arthur was born on Tuesday at 2:35pm.  All are doing well and  I am sure Lexi is dreaming about her […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend Updates

    With a little under 24 hours before the Moment of Truth, we though it’d be a good time to update everyone on all the other changes going into place for the summer starting today (May 27, 2011). Here you go: Extended Summer Hours Starting Memorial Day weekend and running through Labor Day weekend, we’re extending […]

  • Sinners and Saints Clubs – 2011

    Best Wishes and Holiday Greetings from The Lost Abbey. As many of you have recently contacted us about the Sinner’s and Saint’s club renewals, we felt it was time to make the announcement about our club status for 2011. It is with sadness that we report, there will be no Patron Sinner’s and Saint’s clubs […]

  • The New York Times…

    This morning, my phone roared to life as it does each day when it awakens from a short but well deserved slumber. Google Mail alerted me that the New York Times had indeed published the article detailing our week long conversation with members of the Pagan Community. And unless you have been around the brewery […]

  • And away they go 2010 GABF Beers

    As is the annual tradition for the GABF, I am here to give you a bit of insight as to the beers we sent, categories entered and our reasoning.  It’s Friday morning and I just finished judging.  Most of my judge friends are finishing up their last rounds as we speak. For the 2010 Great […]

  • On Litigation

    I can’t actually remember the first time I met Arne Johnson or had one of his beers. I do know that White Knuckle is still one of my favorite California Beers. Back when I worked at the Pizza Port in Solana Beach, there were always stops at Marin Brewing Company on our way to Booneville […]

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