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V001 – A blend of Old Viscosity, Cuvee de Tomme, and Redstone Black Raspberry Nectar Mead

V002 – A blend of Old Viscosity, Avant Garde, and Raspberry Mead (all barrel-aged together)
AWARD: 2007 Great American Beer Festival – Silver (Experimental Beer, Lager or Ale)

V003 – A blend of Angel’s Share, Amazing Grace, and Cuvee de Tomme
AWARD: 2008 SD International Beer Festival – Silver (Specialty Beer)

V004 – Blend of Yellow Bus, Mellow Yellow (BA Amigo Lager), and sour Avant Garde. Peaches added.

V005 – Features wild native Southern California Cab Franc grapes (Vitis Girdianas) and a sour base beer.

V006 – A red wine barrel-aged raspberry sour. Went on to become Framboise de Amorosa.

V007 – American Wild Ale aged with Cabernet Franc grapes

V008 – Barrel Night Exclusive
“Alcoholic Arnold Palmer”
AWARD: 2011 SD International Beer Festival – Gold (Specialty Beer)

V009 – Barrel Night Exclusive

V010 – Barrel Night Exclusive – Blended sour ale aged in French oak barrels with peaches

V011 – Barrel Night Exclusive – An American barleywine aged in McCall Cognac Barrels for 11 months with some fresh nectarines and a splash of Brett Clausenii.

V012 – Barrel Night Exclusive – A Kriek – blend of blonde sours with cherries with a similar profile to our 2011 Cable Car Kriek.

V013 – A blended and oak-aged American Sour with Masumoto Organic Peaches and Nectarines
AWARD: 2014 Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beers – Gold (Wild Beer/Acidic)

V014 – Blended French Oak-aged sour ale with cherries

V015 – American Sour with Masumoto Apricots, Nectarines, and Peaches
AWARD: 2015 Great American Beer Festival – Gold (Wood and Barrel-aged Sour Beer) | 2015 Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beers – Gold (Wild Acidic Ale with Fruit) | 2015 SD International Beer Festival – Gold (Other Sour Beer)

V016 – Oak-aged Sour Ale with white peaches

V017 – Aged in oak with blackberries and LA house culture. Tart blackberry, strong notes of oak and tannins with a strong presence of Brett leads to a very refreshing, jam-like finish.

V018 – Redux of V015 – Barrel Night Exclusive
AWARD: 2017 SD International Beer Festival – Silver (Brett and Other Sour Beer)

V019 – American Wild Ale with Raspberries

V020 – Barrel Night Exclusive – Blend of oak and bourbon barrel-aged ales with cherries and boysenberries

Veritas Peach – American Wild Ale with Peaches

Veritas Kriek – American Wild Ale with Cherries

Style Reference:

Barrel-aged Blend

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