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Frank Green

San Diego Sales Representative

“Bieber Fever”

Frank joined The Lost Abbey Family in March of 2013

Favorite part about working in the Beer Industry?
Talking, I love to talk… I’m usually staring at my phone at red lights, just waiting to converse. Also, if you happen to make eye contact with me at anytime, we’re going to have a conversation.

If you didn’t work in Beer, what would you do?
Most likely a rock star, making mad cash and churning out rad music.

If you could name a beer after yourself, what would it be?
Hair of the Dogfish: Frank – I want to get a cease and desist as fast as possible

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you have take with you (besides beer, because this island has a ton of beer)?
A lifetime supply of vienna sausages…. those things are mad tasty yo

What’s your ultimate dinner? Picture the dinner they would serve on death row… no restrictions
See the last question

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