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  • I’m Back…

    Seriously, It’s been almost three months since I blogged last. I’m pretty sure that no one noticed my absence. It’s not like I forgot how to write. It just seemed that everytime I sat down to type, I was exhausted from the brew day or there was something more pressing going on at the brewery […]

  • Who would you invite to dinner?

    The premise for this Blog was thrown out there by my good friend Stan at He asked for us to put together a list of 4 people you would invite to dinner and what would you serve them. Clearly, I could write one of these per day and not be done after one month. […]

  • The Angel’s Release Party

    Over the weekend, we rolled out the 2007 Brandy Barrel Aged bottling of The Angel’s Share. Since we first released this beer in November of 2006, it has become a media darling, an online tradeable commodity and for some, a profit center. Some beers just have all the luck I suppose. Many of our most […]

  • And away they go…Port Brewing San Marcos+ The Lost Abbey

    Hey, It’s me. You know that balding guys ego. He’s asleep right now and he neglected to blog about his beers so I thought I would do it for him. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, I don’t show up in Denver to loose. Sure that’s a hell of a statement but why […]

  • And away they go…Part two

    As we move south from San Clemente, we make a short detour in Carlsbad to visit the 10 beers that Jeff Bagby is sending to the festival this year. My liver was threatening to go Screen Actors Guild on my ass and require a stunt double to get through this side of the tasting. My […]

  • And away they go…Part one

    It’s that time of year. The Grand daddy of all brewing competitions is upon us. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your brewing engines. It’s fall and the kids are back in school. It must be time for the Great American Beer Festival. If you are a professional brewer, chances are, you have had October 13th 2007 […]

  • The Crossroads

    Welcome to the Crossroads. It’s 2007. We are in the midst of what many are calling the most amazing time in the history of beer in our country. So my friends, welcome to the Crossroads of American Brewing. In 30 short years, we have bolted from the basement of brewing and have catapulted ourselves into […]

  • Barrel Room Update

    We’ve been open for business for over a year. Hooray Beer!!! When we started this Lost Abbey project, we envisioned a barrel room like no other barrel room we had ever seen in a brewery. With this in mind, we created a sanctuary off to the side of our tasting altar. In this catacomb like […]

  • Sydney’s First Birthday

    Today Was my daughter’s first birthday. She’s now a whopping 365 days old. That makes her sound so much older. Almost old enough to drink Old Viscosity- which I maintain is certainly not her favorite adult libation… or her father’s for that matter!!! Tonight, we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating that after 365 days on this great […]

  • Happy Cinco de One Year Anniversary

    It strikes me that if I was a crappy author who didn’t know better, I would start this blog with a half-ass line like…”Gee has it really been a year since we opened our doors? Where has the time gone?” That’s a fantastically original way of opening a piece. Perhaps I should opine or rip […]

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