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  • You’ve got to be kidding me…

    Saturday May 9th has to go down as one of the craziest days we have ever had here at The Lost Abbey.  And mind you, there are some stories that just don’t get posted.  This past weekend, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary of being in business here off Mata Way.  It was a decidedly rip […]

  • Cinco de Mayo

    It’s officially Cinco de Mayo(the one day a year that American’s profess a “love” for Tequila).  Me, I love it 365 days a year so no big deal.  You’re not likely to see me get wasted today waving my pistola in the air.  Hoewever, I may actually drink more than my fair share of alcohol […]

  • Viva La Vida Loca

    It’s 4:11 on Monday the 27th of April.  They just fired up the bottling line about an hour ago and we’re now running bottles of Old Viscosity.  WOW!!!  What a feeling it  is to see this sucker run.  We purchased this 16 head filler back in December of 2008 and since then, we have been laboring […]

  • I’m too young to be a grandparent

    Those of you who follow life at Port Brewing know that we have two cats that patrol our brewery as part of our commitment to Bio-Dynamic Pest Control. Amarillo and his sister Cascade have been with us for almost 10 months now. In that time, they have assimilated themselves very well to brewery living.   On […]

  • Pot Holes

    It’s Thursday February 26th and I am at home having just put Sydney down for the evening. Maureen is in DC visiting some friends and I have Sydney all to myself for the next three days. It should be interesting. We’re releasing Brandy Angel’s Share this weekend and celebrating Carnevale on Saturday night in a […]

  • Happy Valentines Day

    It’s Saturday. We’re in the midst of a very busy holiday weekend. Today is the feast of St. Valentines Day and lovers everywhere are celebrating. Some are going the traditional route of flowers and others may lean towards the sweet side of things. Me, I’m leaning towards Red Poppy. I had a couple of these […]

  • Saturday Fermentations and Barrel Matriculations

    It’s Saturday and the doors at Port Brewing don’t open for another hour and a half. It’s quiet in the brewery except for Fermenter # 6 which is bubbling along in the blow off bucket. It’s a lager fermentation. It sounds a bit different than what I’m used to hearing. I’d say it’s peaceful, but […]

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do

    It’s Friday January 9,2009 and we’re celebrating Monkey’s. No, it’s no some weird Chinese New Year thing. Nope it’s stranger than that. On Monday of this week Mike Rodriguez (formerly of Boulevard Brewing Co.) joined the Port Brewing and Lost Abbey family. His wife (monkey #2 or is that Monkey#1 I get so confused) is […]

  • My Charlie Brown Halloween

    When I was a much younger little brewer in training, the fall holiday season inevitably meant waiting for the Charlie Brown specials to come on tv. Mind you, this is/was before the VCR and now DVD player became a common household item. Today’s kids have no idea what this is like. Each Sunday, Sydney and […]

  • Concrete= Progress

    They’re pouring concrete in what used to be our conference room today. For those of you who have visited the Abbey in the last few months, you might have noticed, we’re running out of places to put all of our beers. As such, it was decided that we didn’t “need” the conference room so much […]