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Track 6: Highway to Hell

For a few years, The Lost Abbey has released a winter barrel-aged blended strong ale. This amazing blend of beer has focused on a marriage between Bourbon Barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout and Brandy Barrel-aged Angel’s Share. We believe it’s one of the most amazing release we do each fall.

But, in the spirit of old recordings and records, I started thinking what would happen if we played this on in reverse? Would we hear the Demon himself on the record? So with that, we flipped the blend on its ears and spun it backwards. The result is a blend of Brandy Barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout and some Bourbon Barrel-aged Angel’s Share.

It’s an epic struggle between good and evil, only this time we slowed it down and played it in reverse.


Base Beers: Angel’s Share, Serpent’s Stout, Older Viscosity
Culture Additions: N/A
Barrel Quantity: 4, Total Cases Produced: 130

ABV: Barrels Used:
14.3% American Oak Bourbon, American Oak Brandy

Style Reference:

Barrel-aged Blend

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