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Track 10: Bat out of Hell

From the Ultimate Box Set: “A fresh track, Track 10 began as a fresh Serpent’s Stout base aged in bourbon barrels with oodles of coffee and cacao nibs added shortly before packaging. Late in November of 2011, our head brewer asked about creating a Coffee and Cacoa Nib version of Serpent’s Stout for the San Diego Strong Ale Festival. The beer was a hit with our fans. When we wrote up the syllabus for the Ultimate Box Set, we knew a version of this beer would be included. We waited until the very end of the release schedule to put this beer in a bottle so that the coffee and cacoa nibs really come through.”

Base Beers: Serpent’s Stout, Older Viscosity
Specialty Ingredients: Coffee & Cacao Nibs
Barrel: Bourbon

ABV: Barrels Used:
14% American Oak Bourbon

Style Reference:

Barrel-Aged Strong Ale

Anyone trying Gnoel De Abbey today?? Live in the tasting rooms!