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Farmhouse Lager is a lighter version of our long-time brew, Avant Garde. It is our first foray into the 12oz bottle/six-pack world, as we have been mostly known for large format (750ml bottles). Still beginning with an initial malt sweetness and a subtle hop presence, this lager finishes smooth and crisp. Perfect for an evening out on your porch or with some fresh baked bread pulled straight from the oven.

An enticing blend of ripened orchard fresh fruit and warm bread pulled just from the oven.

The beer starts off with an initial malt sweetness that fades into a firm but subtle hop presence. The lager yeast and cold maturation ensure a crisp smooth finish.


Style Reference:

Farmhouse Lager

Pair With:

We feel this is an ideal match for a wide range of foods. We developed Farmhouse to pair with rustic cheeses and warm loaves of bread. It also is a match for most chicken and fish pairings as well.