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Down in Kentucky and across the pond in Scotland, distillers who age their whiskeys for many years refer to the evaporation of the spirits from their barrels as “The Angel’s Share.” We couldn’t agree more. Each time a barrel is filled, a measure of liquid seeps into the oak and is lost for good. This striking Strong Ale is brewed with copious amounts of Caramel malt to emphasize the vanilla and oak flavors found in freshly emptied brandy barrels. The beer spends a year in oak before it is packaged for release.

There are so many aspects at work in this beer. We have an inital impression from the oak aging of fortified wine and Port. There is a pleasing vanilla backdrop supported by some great sweet malt notes. An incredibly smooth and sweet beer with a long lasting finish. The Bourbon barrel aging of the beer results in a full bodied and luscious texture layered between fruit and malts.

ABV: Barrels Used:
12.5% American Oak Brandy

Style Reference:

Barrel-Aged English Style Barleywine

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